Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Love at First Sight

Its amazing to me how I can already love this little boy that we one day hope to call ours. Yes we realize that she could change her mind at any second and choose to keep the baby but we will love him anyways. We went to Memphis for the weekend and since we don't have a Babies R Us here we went while we were in town. We really had a good time just looking. We figure we wont buy much until after the adoption is final. Of coarse we will buy everything he will need but just not the extras. So we went so that we have everything already picked out and we will know where to go to get the best prices. We have already picked out our crib and changing table. I still have Dayton's crib but it's white. I figured it would be better to just go ahead and get Colton a new crib and changing table that could grow with him so that's the plan. Plus wait til you see this changing table its is just perfect for our sweet little boy. Not to mention the price is GREAT, I have always been good at finding great deals but I was even blown away by this one. Well that's all for today I really need to go get Day from school but here are the rest of the ultrasound pics and the furniture we have picked out of this little boy who has just stolen our hearts.

The first one is where the could tell he was a boy because the one little part didn't turn to colors which means its a boy and not the cord. The second he is sucking his thumb (I have one of Day doing the same). The last his him waving at us LOL. Just gotta love him.

We plan on getting this in a dark chocolate color. I am just in love with it.


Rebecca Louise. said...

Colton is one lucky baby! I am still just so excited for you guys! X.