Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Welcome to the World !!!!!

Well I am very excited to announce the birth of my son!!!!! He was born Aug 7th at 1316. He weighed 6lbs 2oz and was 18 inches long. He is just perfectto say the least. He has now been home with us for 9 days and I stayed with him and his birth mother for 4 days in the hospital. All our paper work is now done and the peteshion for adoption was filed with the courts today. So now all we do is wait for a court day. N's time to change her mind has now passed so its offical he is all ours. We couldnt be more excited. Well that all I have for tonight I will try to post his birth story and more pictures tomorrow, but these pictures will have to do for now. For I am one tired mommy to 2 children (yes I like to hear so I say all the time LOL).

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Just an Update

Hello Everyone,
I know it been awhile, but I found out some unwanted guest were reading so I figured I would stop for awhile til they forgot I blogged. So here I am agian. Tonight will be a short blog and no cute pictures they are all on a another computer, but I hope to get them all switched soon.
Things are really comeing along here. Baby CRG should be here anytime. Hes not due til Aug but the goal now is to make it to 37 weeks, which is only 2 weeks away. We will see if he stays put that long. The birth mom said just today " I don't care if CGB comes now", so bedrest and meds to keep him safe and sound are something she is no longer willing to do. I will keep you updated on the story line, but I need to run tonight. Please keep our sweet baby boy in your prayers. Kiss Kiss April

Friday, April 3, 2009

Mosaic Maker

I got this idea from Rebecca and I thought it was so neat! It is a picture 'Mosaic Maker' where you find 9 pictures to 9 questions about you. It's simple and I really enjoyed finding things that reflect me. Try it out you will like it.
All you have to do is:
1) Go to Flickr and using only the first search page place in the answers to one of the 9 questions into the search engine.
2) Then copy and paste the URL's for each image you choose into the 'Mosaic Maker' at: Remember to change the columns to 3x3.
3) Voila! Save it to your computer and then you have your Mosaic that completely resonates you!
This is mine, hope you like it I do.

Here are the questions. Can you guess which answer goes to which photo :)

1) What is your name? April

2) What is your favourite drink? Sweet Tea.

3) What is your favourite food? Chinese.

4) What is your favourite Color? Yellow.

5) Where is your dream vacation? Disney World I love that place.

6) Favourite hobby? Blogging its all I have time for.

7) What do you want to be when you grow up? A Teacher

.8) What do you love most about your life? My family

9) One word to describe you? Mother

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wordless Wednesday...... Which do you like better??????

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Love at First Sight

Its amazing to me how I can already love this little boy that we one day hope to call ours. Yes we realize that she could change her mind at any second and choose to keep the baby but we will love him anyways. We went to Memphis for the weekend and since we don't have a Babies R Us here we went while we were in town. We really had a good time just looking. We figure we wont buy much until after the adoption is final. Of coarse we will buy everything he will need but just not the extras. So we went so that we have everything already picked out and we will know where to go to get the best prices. We have already picked out our crib and changing table. I still have Dayton's crib but it's white. I figured it would be better to just go ahead and get Colton a new crib and changing table that could grow with him so that's the plan. Plus wait til you see this changing table its is just perfect for our sweet little boy. Not to mention the price is GREAT, I have always been good at finding great deals but I was even blown away by this one. Well that's all for today I really need to go get Day from school but here are the rest of the ultrasound pics and the furniture we have picked out of this little boy who has just stolen our hearts.

The first one is where the could tell he was a boy because the one little part didn't turn to colors which means its a boy and not the cord. The second he is sucking his thumb (I have one of Day doing the same). The last his him waving at us LOL. Just gotta love him.

We plan on getting this in a dark chocolate color. I am just in love with it.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Oh Boy Oh Boy!!!!!

Ok so today was just a wonderful day. I got up this morning to pick up the birth mom ,"N" is what I will call her the next few months, to go to her OB appointment. I was really hoping that we would be able to see the baby and find out the sex today. Well we get to the office and come to find out they only do 1 ultrasound unless there is a medical reason for more. Well they do the one at 19 weeks not bad since we thought she is 18 weeks, just one more week we can wait that.

Well we go in and do her check up and the Dr says she can't be 18 week she has to be closer to 14, but her last menstrual says 18. Well guess what that means there might be a problem with the babies growth so they need to do an ultrasound. So the Dr says she will have 1 now and one again in 3 weeks YAY!!!! Nothing is wrong with the baby just a miscalculated due date.

We go in to see the ultrasound tech who is wonderful by the way. She measures the baby and N is 16 weeks 4 days. So we are thinking there is no way we can find out the sex this early and we were gonna have to wait 3 more weeks. I would have never made it that long. Then out of the blue the tech says "you wanna know the sex?" with a quick yes she says "Its a BOY". I already knew it was a boy when she asked they cant see a girl that early I don't think. Wow I was shocked I was sure it was a girl but so excited for the boy. At first the tech wasn't 100% she said we would need to make sure at the next ultrasound but then at the end she decide to check the sex again. Well low and behold the baby had moved and had everything for the world to see. Hes all boy no dought about it. YAY

So we are so excited to welcome Baby Colton Grove B. into our lives around Sept 5 2009.

Lots more ultrasound pics to come tomorrow.

Well that all for today I am exhausted it has been a great day. Please remember to pray for baby Stellan from Mckmamas blog. This little miracle and his family needs all the prayers they can get.