Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Oh Boy Oh Boy!!!!!

Ok so today was just a wonderful day. I got up this morning to pick up the birth mom ,"N" is what I will call her the next few months, to go to her OB appointment. I was really hoping that we would be able to see the baby and find out the sex today. Well we get to the office and come to find out they only do 1 ultrasound unless there is a medical reason for more. Well they do the one at 19 weeks not bad since we thought she is 18 weeks, just one more week we can wait that.

Well we go in and do her check up and the Dr says she can't be 18 week she has to be closer to 14, but her last menstrual says 18. Well guess what that means there might be a problem with the babies growth so they need to do an ultrasound. So the Dr says she will have 1 now and one again in 3 weeks YAY!!!! Nothing is wrong with the baby just a miscalculated due date.

We go in to see the ultrasound tech who is wonderful by the way. She measures the baby and N is 16 weeks 4 days. So we are thinking there is no way we can find out the sex this early and we were gonna have to wait 3 more weeks. I would have never made it that long. Then out of the blue the tech says "you wanna know the sex?" with a quick yes she says "Its a BOY". I already knew it was a boy when she asked they cant see a girl that early I don't think. Wow I was shocked I was sure it was a girl but so excited for the boy. At first the tech wasn't 100% she said we would need to make sure at the next ultrasound but then at the end she decide to check the sex again. Well low and behold the baby had moved and had everything for the world to see. Hes all boy no dought about it. YAY

So we are so excited to welcome Baby Colton Grove B. into our lives around Sept 5 2009.

Lots more ultrasound pics to come tomorrow.

Well that all for today I am exhausted it has been a great day. Please remember to pray for baby Stellan from Mckmamas blog. This little miracle and his family needs all the prayers they can get.


Rebecca Louise. said...

It's a BOY!!! Congratulations!!!! I am so excited for you guys bring on more pics!!! X.